Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Blooper Perspective

A friend is a big fan of Get Smart, and recently
sent me some videos from the show. After I
watched them, I saw the one above.

It got me thinking about how much people seem
to enjoy watching bloopers. It also got me
wondering the origin of the word "blooper."
In some ways, the word sounds like when you
stumble over your words, and even sounds funny,
but it has nothing to do with it.

Bloopers simply are mistakes. Bloopers from
movies and television make us laugh. It is
always great to know that we aren't alone
in our experience, it is likely why we enjoy
them so. We see these final, slick versions of
things, and think that perfection is what is
natural, and necessary.

It's too bad our lives don't have blooper reels,
maybe we could remove ourselves from our
situations and laugh more about what is happening.
Interestingly, with video being so prevalent,
there are likely lots of opportunities, but there
are also ample opportunities for cover up, too.

I certainly wish I could do things perfectly.
However, working as I do, I am unable to afford
the luxury. I would have to say that is a good
thing, because it makes me move forward, even
when uncomfortable.

The next time you hold back, waiting for the
perfect moment or thing, consider watching a
blooper real, and remind yourself that along
the way to perfect is "real." How many times
does something have to be "perfect" any way?
(Not to mention, how exactly is perfection
defined and perceived - but that is a whole
other conversation).

Perhaps consider letting someone see you
less than perfect. Perhaps consider being
more patient with someone who is expressing
their less than perfect human self. Perhaps
even consider laughing at yourself and what
is happening.

I know...that last one especially may be
asking a wee bit too much, as life is meant
to be taken so very seriously.*

*for anyone who doesn't know me...imagine
tongue in cheek.

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