Saturday, July 4, 2009

Perspective: Creation

If you like my image, this one
and others, is available in
card and other forms at

The above image is another work that I created
in Photoshop, with the aid of a scanner and
oil pastels.

I started to do the work several weeks ago, and
almost threw it out. It sat for weeks. Last
night I finished the pastel part, but it wasn't
until today that I saw the finished work.

Amazing how sometimes we don't always see
potential, and might even "throw" things
away in mid-creation.

I have a much bigger image that I might do
something with...but not sure yet. We'll see.

This piece speaks to me, but as with everything
perspective, you never know if it will mean
anything to anyone else. Kinda like my
Letters of Love: messages that are very personal
for those who read them, but still very profound
for those having a human experience ;-).

Have an awesome day and weekend!

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