Sunday, January 18, 2009

Playing with Perspective

Today I saw a link that explains
how to approach the questions
you want to ask when looking for
a job, and wanting to be hired.

Ask some of the questions one way,
and you will be perceived in a
negative light. Ask it in
another way, and you might find
the person more receptive you.

For the 10 question never to ask
in job interviews
click here.

The question I have always wondered
around this is...doesn't everyone
know what is really happening, what's
really being said, any way?

The point I would imagine is more
along the lines of a person's
intention. Of course, any employer
will want the best intentions from
a potential hire. However, there is
no real way, in my mind, to gauge
that in any "practical"
least not in words only.

I would suggest that these little
games we play would be unnecessary
if all parties involved could look
at the situation with respect,
and honoring the parties involved.

When I read number 10, and about
having more than 2 weeks to get
started, it made it seem like in
some employer's minds it would be
a negative.

C'mon now...who wouldn't
mind some time off between jobs,
especially if you know it'll be
some time until you are able to
take vacation?

If you weren't employed, maybe
you need some time to get things
together before returning to work.
Why does that say somehow that
you don't really want the job?

Why can't we just talk to each
other about the things that matter
to us in a way that is productive
and helpful, rather than feeling
like we need to conceal parts of

In some ways, it seems very much
like some relationships, and in some
ways, it's not much better there.

Let's make ourselves look as good
as possible, and then, once there
is a commitment, all bets are off.

Then let's see who is willing to
communicate, negotiate and, in the
end dissolve the relationship, if

Wouldn't it be so much better to
know what we are getting into?
It would seem to me to be a way
of preparing everyone for the
best possible outcome.

I realize it's not that simple.
But, oh, how I wish it was.

At the same time, it is as simple
as our willingness to speak up and
be true to ourselves.

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