Thursday, January 29, 2009

Perspective Brouhaha at American Idol

Did you hear about that today?

Apparently one of the contestants
in parting apparently said something
like, "be careful whatever you do."
It was something later found out
to be a regional way of speaking,
however some of the judges,
apparently from a different region,
heard it as a threat.

Here's the LA Times Article

Ever hear of the slang "Phat"?
It sounds like "fat"...and unless
you are familiar with it, you might
just take it as an insult. However,
it is actually a slang compliment -
Pretty, Hot, And Tempting.

The next time you think you might
want to take offense at something
said, you may want to take a
moment. It might just be that it's
not what you thought, and might
actually even be its opposite.

Ever wonder how many altercations
may begin from this type of

I'd say it's something to consider...

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