Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Feeling Stuck?

Have you ever wondered why you pay a profession for their
service, product and/or opinion, and then proceed to do
nothing with it, or listen to the advice that comes along
with it? Maybe you buy a program, and then put it on
the shelf?

If you are like many others, you likely do exactly as I
described above, and then, better yet, proceed to kick
yourself for not following through, wasting money, or
any number of less than positive things.

Did you know when you do - or don't do - something,
it is very likely that you have your own best interests
in mind? Yes, I know it sounds odd to say that,
so I will explain.

Our mind is an incredible place to be, for many reasons.
In this case I will focus on the fact that we have a
sub/unconscious mind and a conscious mind. Our
conscious mind functions with logic and reason,
and thinks it is in control. At the same time,
our unconscious mind functions quite simply in the
realm of knowns and unknowns, and can often override
conscious choices when at odds with the conscious part
of our mind.

Our unconscious works with - and keeps - the "knowns"
in play, while pushing out the unknowns. Our
unconscious mind is designed to keep us in safe and
familiar territory. The problem is that in this safe
and familiar territory, we are often limited to the
same types of experiences we have always had. As
a result resources go unused, or are underutilized.
In addition, coming from this place, we can - and
we do - sabotage ourselves.

Ever notice that consciously knowing the right
decision to make, or a good decision to take,
isn't always enough to make it happen? In
cases like these, it wouldn't be surprising to
find a level of frustration or a feeling of being
stuck in those who consciously want
to move forward and be successful, but find
themselves stuck in a rut,
not knowing how to get out of it.

The problem is that the "programming" that
goes behind our ultimate choices is
"behind the curtain." Sometimes, just like
in the Wizard of Oz, it can be scary to see
what's behind it, and that is only once
we know that we can look there for answers.

Understanding that the fear often comes
because the unconscious mind
feels threatened by the unknowns can
sometimes help navigate to new
ways of looking at things. In addition,
having someone there with you through the
process can help you to identify how
perhaps the thing behind the curtain isn't
nearly the thing you thought it was.
It might even be like the shadow on the
wall that turns out just to be someone's
hand, and after initially being scared
of this unknown, you think, "is that all?"

If you are feeling stuck, one of the best
ways I know of to shake things up is with
hypnosis. If you've never been hypnotized
you may wonder what it is like, and maybe
even have some misconceptions about what it is,
and how it works. In short form, it works
because it speaks directly to the subconscious
part of you, and because of that, it can often
be more expedient than some other methods of change.

When you come out of the hypnotic state,
it is likely you will feel
great, and will be well rested. Many report
the state so blissful that they would have
loved to stay there, or would love to go back.

There are so few times in life that
we can take the kind of break
hypnosis affords, and the best part is
that when you're done you
might be surprised to find
the perspective you have on your problem
has changed, maybe even wondering
why you ever thought it was a
problem to begin with.

If you have any questions about hypnosis,
please feel free to contact me. I am a
Certified Hypnotist who has had over 10,000 calls
from clients since 2001
(yes, hypnosis can be done over the phone!).
I am part hypnotist,
part life coach,
part intuitive and healer.
Those who find me often find that
in getting unstuck, they are better
able to understand, love, and express
their truest selves as a result
of our work together.

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