Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Perspective: Advertising

I am sitting here, looking
at an ad.

It is for a coating company.

In relatively small writing maybe
taking up 1/8 of the ad, it
says, "we do not cut corners on
our work. From metal prep to
the final product each step is
quality inspected for 100%
customer satisfaction."

On the right 1/3, plus a little,
there is a beautiful woman
with long, blonde hair and
a bikini, and it has a sunburst
over her butt that offers a
discount on any job, if the ad
is mentioned. Just so it looks
like she belongs there, she has
a piece of equipment in her

I notice this without judgement.
After all, they're just trying to
get noticed. You have to be
noticed to be in business, don't you?

It just makes wonder...which part
is more valuable to the
company in terms of getting
noticed and/or business.

Your thoughts?

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