Saturday, January 17, 2009

Change Your Perspective & Change Your World

A few years back, long before so many had
lost their job, many were losing their jobs,
and one day I was in a crazy, long line of
employment seekers in NYC.

An idea came to me that we so often are
around, and talk to, people who know people
who could help us, but we'd never know it
because we view things superficially.

We know what we know, and do what we do,
and if the other person is unable to help
us, well, then that is where our
communications begin and end.

I had this idea that if we were to be aware
of the idea that someone may know of someone
who might know of someone that could help us,
and we looked beyond the immediate, there
might just be a goldmine awaiting us.

Given the job environment currently, it
occurs to me that this is a time more than ever
that this type of approach could be more than
helpful. Yes, many have lost jobs, however,
I would have to guess that there are
opportunities to be found, if only there was
someone that could wave a flag and say, "HERE"!

I could be wrong, however, the only way it
seems to me to find out is to try something
to encourage new ways to connect to the
opportunities. Your best friend across country
may have relatives where you are, or friends of
theirs that could help you in your own

Recently there was a news story about 2 brothers
who found each other blocks away in Chicago
long after one of them had been put up for
adoption. They were right near each other, and
didn't even know it.

How many opportunities do we have that are so
close, and we're just not aware because we are
in our own world?

Granted, in this day and age, there is great
reason for caution and skepticism, we have some
very unfortunate examples of things that give
us a good cause to pause. However, there are
people and organizations that, if given the
opportunity, will show the beauty of what is
possible within the human spirit and family.

I am a great believer in our intuitive abilities.
I believe in them because so many times I have
seen them be accurate, especially after failing
to pay attention to them has kicked a person
in the butt...and, of course, I speak of first
hand experiences. However, as a life coach and
hypnotist, I have seen it happen for many others
as well.

Maybe this is a sign of the times that we need
to start really LISTENING to what our guts tell
us, instead of hoping otherwise, or logically
talking ourselves out of decisions that likely
are our best choice.

I say this because when we shrink our world,
our opportunities do as well. The more skeptical
we become, the less likely we are to take
chances...and they may very well be the ones
that we are meant to take, and would give us the
very thing we have been wanting.

Be wise, be cautious, and at the same time, live
from your heart. Your heart always knows. Your
heart may not always give you the answer your
mind would demand, but your heart will never
steer you wrong.

There is a saying that insanity is doing the same
thing over and over expecting the different results.
Looking for a job the same old way doesn't seem
to be working for many at this time.

I have come up with an idea that is certainly
rough around the edges, and I believe it could work,
as long as there are people who are willing to
reach out, and spend time with other people to
see where there may be connections, ways to help.

For me personally, there is nothing better than
connecting with a person, and seeing what he or
she has to offer. I may not be able to use it
just then, or at all, but there may be others that
could benefit, and there is nothing cooler than
to be able to hook these people up.

I realize that may not be the case for everyone.
However, when I think about it, I would rather
have an opportunity presented to me because of
my interactions with others than to be hanging
by the threads of some employment agency that just
sees me as one of many.

The idea I have developed is presented in audio
form, in the left column of this blog, at the
top of the page. It is approximately 7 minutes
long. I invite you to listen, and see if it
might be something you are interested in.

If you are remotely interested, please give me
the opportunity to speak with you, and get to
know you, and see what possibilities might exist.

I am also working on a series of internet radio
shows that will help to support those who are
needing work, as well as other things. I invite
you to visit
for details.

Have you ever looked up at the sky and when you
look in one direction see the sun but when you
look in the other one see only clouds?

It's all the sky, however, where you look is
everything in terms of what you experience.

Right now there is so much going on that would
show us only clouds and storms. If we look
closely, though, there is likely some sun if
we let ourselves view these circumstances through
different eyes.

Maybe now is the time we need to look at our lives
differently. Maybe now is the time we need to
stop settling for less than what we know we are
capable of. Sometimes when we don't make changes
our own we get help in the form of things we
never would want to happen.

Maybe now is a lesson in living into the things
that matter to us, or maybe it is in learning that
our true value isn't wrapped up in a paycheck
or our belongings, or maybe it is in finding
that we have been hiding ourselves in the facade
that we think is our life.

Unfortunately, at first glance and experience, these
may be terrible things, and if it is anything like
I just described, our walls come tumbling down when
we least feel prepared for it. The good part is
that when we get through to the other side we are
able to reflect and appreciate when things fell
apart because they made way for us to truly be

In case you are in the midst of virtual storms
right now, and think that I could be just saying
words, let me tell you that I know something of
what I speak.

In 1999, I lost my last "real" job - you know, one
that pays you for time off, decides how much money
you are worth, tells you when you need to work,
and you get benefits. It was not the first time
I got laid off, but it was the one that got me
looking at life differently.

I struggled. I got into financial problems. At
one point I was working 4 jobs, making no money at
any of them. Things really sucked, and then I
had to move.

I wondered how much worse bad could get. I went
to get aide to pay my electric bill. Collectors
were calling me. I felt worthless. It was a
horrible time in my life.

I remind myself of that time from time to time to
show myself that I am able to get through it all
because I am now living on the other side of the
country, and working on my own is what got me here.

Never in a million years did I see how that would
be/could be possible back during my roughest times.
It was nothing that I could even imagine as a

So before you think I am just talking, please
realize that you are not the only one questioning
yourself, your life, your choices, where to go
from here.

If you are troubled by your current life's
perspective, consider that there might just be
another that - in a moment - or in time -
will show up as a gift, a gift of yourself.

It will show up as an opportunity to be who you
are in ways you never knew you could be.

If you need someone to talk to, I would like to
offer myself. Please make contact with me if you
think that I could help.

There is nothing worse than feeling alone, and
out of sorts, and wondering how much worse bad
can get.

If you are interested, I will share with you
how I got out of it. It is an interesting story.

All the BEST to you, to ALL of us.
The world needs the best of us more now,
maybe more than it ever did in our lifetimes,
any way. It may difficult to consider,
but what is happening now might just be
laying the groundwork for that to happen.

Just a thought.

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