Saturday, April 6, 2013

Working Diligently - Part I

So Monday is the day. It seems like just yesterday I signed up to do the show. But "just" yesterday was something like 5 or 6 weeks ago - or even more. I really don't remember for sure at this point. And for as much as things don't seem to be moving too quickly in regard to making things happen, the list is long.

I have loved working with Christina Aldan of She created the awesome logo you see and is working on the website. It has been difficult for me not to be the one to make the changes and create the design. But since I am mostly a hacker when it comes to code, the idea of someone creating a really good, search engine friendly site is something that I didn't want to pass up.

I am also a bit nervous about the learning curve, but I feel like Christina is going to help me and hold me hand moving forward, and her creative mind has ideas of things we can implement, and I am excited about that, too. At one point it seemed she may not be the right person for me, as I wanted a much more creative style and look to my site. From what I understand sites like that can take extensive programming and may not be the best in terms of optimization.

Christina Aldan, Lucky Girl Designs
Perhaps one day I can reconsider what I am doing, or the web will figure out a way to be more friendly to those who are creative, but until then I am happy with what is being created. Christina was concerned that I might not be, and told me so.

I love that she did that. I love how she knows what she wants, and is unwilling to compromise because it would ultimately compromise her and the project. While it might be good if she was able to bend to another's perspective, if the cost is too great, it is not worth it. Just because someone can do something doesn't mean they should.

I run into this sometimes as a hypnotist, so I know how difficult that can be.

It is awesome someone else is doing it in some ways. In other ways it is a bit frustrating for me, a bit scary and STILL a lot of work. I have spent hours on the phone with Christina with copious amounts of notes of how I want things to look. From what she tells me, she likes it that way. The more I am specific, the more likely she is to give me what I want, and the less likely I will be disappointed. Sounds like an all round winning situation to me.

Continued in next blog...

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