Sunday, December 6, 2009


As you may know from some previous blogs,
I have been having some difficulties lately,
and have wondered if I would have to leave
southern California to return to New York.

When I moved here almost 3 years ago, I was
certain that I needed to be here. It made
no logical sense for anyone, including me.
Although, I had considered a move to the
area more than once.

My situation has made me question many
things, and has left me at times in a deep,
dark place, and at other times has given
me optimism and hope in ways never before.

Interestingly, at the darkest place I have
been, I got really sad thinking about leaving,
and I decided to begin to be grateful (on a
more aware and consistent basis) for the
things I have, the environment I am in, the
palm trees, the mountains, the fact that I
am in southern California.

In the last few weeks, that is the ONLY thing
that I am aware of that I have done
differently, as I have been plugging away
for some time, working on creating things,
as always.

In addition, there have been those who have
wished me well, and prayers that have been
sent my way that have been very much
appreciated. Positive energy in my direction
is always welcome.

While there are many issues and questions
that I am facing these days, not the least
of which are others' judgments and assessments
of what I am doing and should do, and how I go
about what I am doing. Let me tell you, I am
getting some very important lessons in

There were certain things I felt and believed
before, and now I am becoming reacquainted
with them in a bigger way, and at some point
I will share...the point that I become more
clear about the role of the twists and turns
my life is taking.

In the meantime, I am appreciating where I
am and what I am able to do, and I am plowing
forward, and the last week or so has been one
of the best weeks I have had in a very long

I don't know where this will wind up. However,
I have the desire for it to be somewhere
amazing, and believe that, just like so many
other rough patches in my life, and seeming
cliffs, there is something that I will be able
to relate with others about in a way that can
make a difference.

Who knows if it's "true," or not? But then
again, how does anyone know what is "true?"
So, for now that's my story, and I'm sticking
to it.

Be well...with much Love and Appreciation,

PS If you know anyone who could use my help
as a hypnotist, or in any other way (see for the many things that are me)
please connect us. Thanks!

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