Monday, December 28, 2009

Perspective: From A Third Grade Report Card

Today I was going through some papers
one of which was my third grade report card.

One of the teacher comments was,
"Elizabeth is a lovely child.
She can do better work and will
if she talks a bit less."

I remember someone saying that the
thing you got into trouble for as a child
is likely the thing you are meant to do.

I LOVE to talk to people, and I am in a
"talking profession"....what a surprise!

We aren't all meant to be spectacular at
everything. While it is difficult for
me to do certain things, the one thing I
have always had ease in is talking to

The mistake we can make is to limit the
things we are good at in the interest of
refocusing on the things others find
more important.

I remember as a child I always talked too
much - according to others. It may have
been my way of trying to get attention.
However, it also seems that I did - and
do - have a knack for it.

What do YOU have a knack for? and what
are you doing with it?

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