Friday, February 13, 2009

Perspective on Words: Meaning and Misunderstanding

I know what I meant by what I said,
and I know, based on your reply,
what you think I meant,
and they're not the same thing.

Ever have this experience? I asked
someone if they have an email
address for me.

He replied by giving me his email
address. When I asked again, he
still wanted to give me his. He
must have thought that I didn't
get it the first time.

What I actually meant was, did he
have an email where he could write
TO ME, if he wanted to.

It could have been any other
conversation, on any other topic.
I am sure, if you thought about it,
you would see examples of it in
your own life.

It happens all of the time.

We think we speak the same language
because we use the same words.
However, words are just a vehicle
for the meanings and interpretations
that the words "carry."

The next time before you respond
to what someone has said (especially
in a negative way), consider
s/he didn't mean what you thought
you heard, or that they heard something
different than what you meant.


Have a GREAT day!

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