Sunday, February 22, 2009

Perspective: Elizabeth Alraune on Choice

Occasionally thoughts come to me, and I
write them down. Sometimes they're rather
interesting. Here are a few...tell me,
how do you feel when you read them? Do
they resonate for you? What do you get
from them? I would love to hear.


Just as you would plow a field with food,
not all would be edible, or worthy of being
put into your system, every thought is not
one you would want to keep.

It takes discernment to know what is good,
and what should be left behind. You already
have the discernment, but sometimes, give a
blind eye, looking to fill up the pots.

Sometimes you fill yourself with junk, just
to be full. Whoever said full was a good
thing. It leaves no room for anything else
to enter the picture.

It leaves no room for new understanding. It
leaves only something stale and stagnant.

You must be able to see how the world is
getting more and more FULL of pain, of sadness,
of anguish in its efforts to be FULL...

Always looking for something, and gobbling
everything along the way. You must know that
you are able to discern AND you must discern
AND you must guide your choices by your

Any piece on its own fails to stand, and all
parts are equally important to notice and
nurture. You must understand the nature of
choice. It is something present at every
moment, and a lack of conscious choice, is
a choice to fill yourself up with the equivalent
of junk food.

- Elizabeth Alraune (CY)

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