Monday, January 14, 2008

So...if it costs more, it's better - right?

I just read an article (see link) about a study done in regard to wines and cost.

Apparently, the study showed that when people thought the wine was more expensive, it tasted better.

Of course, logically, we know that doesn't make any sense, and yet, human nature is quite interesting. It seems to value expensive things more than inexpensive or even free things.

There are a few seminars that I have been to that were FREE. In actuality, they were PRICELESS. Had I gone with the idea that free meant no good, or free meant I could take it or leave it, I would have most certainly missed out on the value that these courses offered.

(Just incase you're curious what they were, you can check out and The Millionaire Mind.)

Of course, there are MANY others that I have taken over time, however, none have been the scope of these two. If you're like me, you learn a little everywhere you go, and you take what works, and blend it with the other things. Have you ever noticed that it's the BLEND that has the value?

Recently, I took another seminar with someone named Greg Mooers ( It was an evening that cost $10. One might question how valuable a talk that cost $10 would be. I am here to tell you that it was quite valuable. I got insight that I added to another thing that I learned from another place, and came up with It's a group that is FREE to join. However, the value of it will likely be priceless for those who participate.

When we start to see VALUE instead of COST, we will benefit so much more from the things we do in our life. I personally believe that part of the reason that we in this country are having significant money problems isn't so much due to poor planning, or poor advice, or anything even like that. Rather, it is the RESULT of a perception of a lack of our own perceived value. Instead of being a cause it is actually an effect of a cause.

It is much easier to blame things external to us, and you might just be saying that it wasn't your fault that you lost your job, or your home, or are having financial problems. If that is you, I would suggest that you look at yourself and life, and ask yourself to honestly look at what has been happening, and analyze yourself. Do you feel you have value as a person? Do you feel like you value others? If not, then consider that I might have a point.

If yes, then maybe there is something else going on, and my theory doesn't quite work in your situation. However, I would still question the idea of value. If we do not value what we have, we tend to lose it. If we do not value others, we tend to put ourselves in their place, to give ourselves a different perspective so we can value what they are going through.

I don't know about you, but my life is so much richer for all of the seeming problems I have had. Did I want them at the time? Hell no! However, it is in the perspective of having had those situations that I am able to have more compassion and understanding for those who are having difficulties similiar to the ones I had. Ever notice you listen more to a person who has been where you now are than one who has never had to deal with what you are dealing with?

BTW, part of the reason I am speaking about this "value" thing is because I had my tough time. I had my credit problems. I had significant debt with less than significant income. I had difficulty finding ANY job - and I had a college education (which is SUPPOSED to mean something, isn't it?). At the time, I couldn't see how I was going to get out. It was through having those issues that I came to see me and my life differently, and came to the theories that I have. The result? It's a whole different ballgame. I still have issues, but the cool thing is that they're different ones! (Feel free to ask me more about it, and I will be happy to share.)

So, in the end, the thought I want to leave you with is more of a 2-part question...what do you value, and why do you value it? The answer to those questions will likely explain much about why your life looks as it does. If you like the way it looks - great! If not, then consider it's time guessed it...change your perspective! :-)

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