Wednesday, December 26, 2007

You got what you asked for - but is it what you want?

Lately, I have been watching tv and movies a little differently than I used to. I actually barely watch any tv at all, but when I do, I find myself loving some of the nuggets offered by the script writers.

I have often heard that you must "ask" for those things that you want. While there are several aspects to this idea, the one that I am focusing on at the moment is HOW you ask for what you want.

In the movie "Santa Baby," Santa's daughter has taken over the toy shop when Santa has had a heart attack. She is a very motivated, very controlling, person who believes that what she believes is "right" and the "best" way to go. Hmm...don't know anyone like that in real life, now do you, smile.

Any way...

She tells the elves that she wants to see reports that tell her that productivity is up. Throughout the movie you see reports of productivity in increasing amounts, and nothing is really considered about it until one day she gets one that says that productivity is up 1,000,000%.

Amazed, she asks the head elf about it. She can't believe that they're making THAT many toys. After it is clear that they're not speaking about the same thing (the elf has no idea how to report productivity - not knowing what it means), the elf explains to her, that he was told that she wanted "reports that productivity was up. That is what I gave you."

In actuality, she didn't want reports that said productivity was up, she wanted productivity to BE up. However, while she got what she asked for, it wasn't what she wanted.

Does that happen to you? Do you find that a person has given you something, and is convinced it's what you wanted, and yet you find yourself disappointed? You got what you asked for, and then realized, oops, it's not what you really wanted.

What is behind it all? Clarity in our desires is key in having them fulfilled. Supposedly we get what we ask for all of the time. If you're not getting a life of the things that you want, you may want to consider that your thoughts and actions are asking for you.

You may also want to consider that you're not looking at things deeply enough. Maybe what you are asking for is in some way REPRESENTATIVE of what you said you wanted, and not the ACTUAL desire. If that is the case, getting what you asked for might leave you feeling pretty empty.

What do you think? Can you see this happening in your own life?

Feel free to comment below with your own examples...and
Have a great day!

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