Saturday, January 26, 2008

Life's Most Beautiful Melodies

The brook would lose its song if you remove the rocks.

I heard that for the first time today.

I looked for attribution, but found none.

What I did find were those words in many places.
Apparently many more people than just myself find them inspirational.

I thought about it,
and then,
as per my usual,
I thought about it
in "real life" terms.

It occurred to me
that the rocks symbolize the
things we need to move around and through in life.
It occurred to me
that someone might hear the "music" of the water,
just as "noise" if their mindset and attitude was
caught up in the unfolding events in their life.

How much noise do I have in my head sometimes?

Enough to drown out any music.

There are so many analogies of things that I have read
that show again and again that through struggle
we as human beings can find strength,
and, yet, when things happen in my life that
I am less than thrilled about,
I tend to be less than happy.

That is, until I catch myself.

Sometimes I need to catch myself
many times.

Someone may wonder, why bother?

The way I explain it is this:
If there is a chance that what we say and think
creates our reality, then it would be in my best
interest to bother. To catch. To correct.

If it is incorrect to believe that what we say and think
creates our reality, then I still have nothing to lose,
Additionally, I don't know about you,
but in general I feel better when I think of good things
rather than things that bring me down.

One friend of mine says things sometimes,
things that he'd prefer not to be the truth of things,
followed by "it's a joke."
I pretty much say to him that there is no such thing.

I wonder if there will be a day that "People" will realize
that everything that we do impacts us. Not in the way
of "right" or "wrong," but in the sense that there is
an impact.

When you bowl, you roll a bowling ball down the lane.
One way or another, your motion with the ball
will have an impact.

You may get a strike, you may get one, you may get none.

All of those, and more, are possibilities. What
you get the first time you go will ultimately impact the
second time, which will ultimately
impact the outcome of the game.

In the absence of any "official" "reliable"
perspective on why we are all here,
may I suggest that we create a perspective
of our own that empowers us and those around us?

If words originate as thoughts,
we have the power to change our thoughts,
and our words,
and then...our world.


Is this THE truth?

I don't know. However, it is the best version
FOR ME to accept to date.

If you find a better one,
for yourself, by all means,
live into it fully and completely.

In the meantime, in the face of the rocks
in your life, I wish you the
calm and peace you receive from
life's most beautiful melodies.

Have a wonderful day!

1 comment:

Brian said...

This is wonderfully inspiring! Thank you for sharing it. :)

I hope one day you will elaborate on your experiences and thoughts concerning how people might go about discovering that "perspective of our own that empowers us and those around us."

It seems so important because we can only make it through this life by learning from and giving to others -- we learn how to cope with our rocks and help others in dealing with theirs.