Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Letter of Love

6-29-10 10:04 PM

Mankind has thought for a long time that when it improved his situation, he was making life better. The problem and the answer were both deceptive. There never really was a problem, so there was really no answer to be found.

Man is very clever, but he must learn when to say no to the things of his imaginings. Not everything that man becomes aware of must be acted on and not everything is going to make life any better.

He must learn this lesson by either being simpler or being made to be simpler.

Man is very jealous of other men and is always seeking ways to up himself over another. There have always been competitions to prove one's worth and one's mettle. Over time the competitions may have changed, but the competitive piece remains, and in competition is destruction.

There may be the illusion of unity, however, the pieces that are in unison are working against the other pieces. Whenever there is competition there is weakness instead of strength. There is confusion instead of clarity. Mankind must begin to realize that the very thing that he aspires to, the very thing that he dreams of the very things he wishes for are all inside of himself. He must realize that the world outside is only a distraction.

The environment in which he lives is being threatened one thought at a time.

Man has become more distracted through the generations. He was never meant to become distracted. The things that have drawn his attention were meant to be tools to learn to compare to contrast to be able to see what was of value however instead of things showing what was of value things became the value...and until man is able to go within he is going to have to at times go without.

There is great abundance in the world, and yet all of the clutter is having it disappear and fog over. It is becoming uncertain and the world is turning in ways it doesn’t need to because of the distractions. Mankind can begin to alter the external world by allowing itself to view the internal one.

He must be able and willing to go within and look at himself and see himself clearly and when he does the world will clear up as well. Until then it is like a foggy cloudy nightmare and even though the sun does shine, it is no where to be found for some. The world needs its inhabitants to be able to see the sun shining for the world to get what it needs.

For in darkness there is only death and despair, and while they are true and real emotions, there is a transformation that is possible with even one ray of sunshine. One ray of sunshine is all it takes to make a difference, and each person can be their own ray, if they are willing to get out of their own way and stop paying attention to what is going on with their neighbor in a competitive way.

If he on the other hand is able to be friendly with his neighbor and be willing to support his neighbor, he will find that the one ray that he has will be multiplied many times, and the world as a whole will transform when the attention of the individuals shift from what they believe to be true to what they know to be true.

The time has come to see what truly is and there is no more hiding from it. There are events that are compelling that are occurring – things that were once unfathomable that have become possible realities. The time is now whether man is ready or not does not matter because he must be involved in what happens next because he has brought much of this upon himself and this is not said as in a punishment or a judgment, but rather just an observation.

What is now IS. What is tomorrow is something that can be all together different.

There is nothing that is set in stone, only perceived to be so. Man is resilient, and man will find his way through what is about to happen…what remains to be seen is how he does it. There is no question of if, just only how. That is the one thing that mankind is able to control and that is how he personally comes to interact with nature and the events and his fellow man.

The time is now to become aware and to stop doing, and start allowing. Start allowing himself to BE. The time to BE has come. Man must come to BE. When man comes to be, there will be peace in his heart, and peace on his earth.


Please let me know what you think of these messages.

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