Monday, June 28, 2010

A Letter of Love

Here is a Letter of Love that was recently
written for someone and, as often is the
case, there seems to be a universal message
that can be appreciated by more than just
the one it was intended for. It also
mentions (briefly) about the oil situation
in the gulf.

If you read it, please leave a comment,
and let me know your thoughts.

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You are a perfect child…full of fertile imaginings.
You can create anything, including perfect health
and happiness. You are a wonder to behold, and
yet you do not behold yourself as such. You are
one to be loved, and yet you do not love yourself...
at least not in the way that acknowledges that
love is present. You speak of Love and yet you
remove yourself from it. You dance around love
instead of dancing in love. You think somehow it
is for others, and yet you too are deserving of it.

The aches and pains you feel are your desires to be
loved to feel love to embrace love to be embraced
by love you have a healthy love life to live and
you will live it because you are beginning to see
how you affect yourself and you are beginning to
find your own way. Reluctantly at times as you,
like other human beings, want to be told what to do.

It makes no sense really as you already have the
answers and they await your acknowledgement and
action. It does not matter what will happen tomorrow
just as it does not matter what happened yesterday.

Claim now and live it to its fullest. Live it in all
of its preciousness. Live it fully and completely.
Live it totally conscious and aware and you will
find more beauty than you have ever imagined or known.

Fear is anything but living in the present. Fear
only exists in relation to the past or to the future.
There is no fear in this moment. In this now. In this
now all there is is now. All there is is what you
choose. It’s what you choose and recently you released
a lot of hurt and pain and disappointment and anger.

You were someone who has had much pain and disappointment
because you have yet to understand the power of this
moment of this now of who you are in this moment. You
are an incredible piece of beauty and love and direction
and you have much to share and this time of crisis and
pain and feeling lost will be something to share when
the time is right.

You will know what it is that you need to share and
when is the time to share it. Keep being who you are
and embracing the love the care the concern the passion
the love it is all available to you at each and every
moment. Each and every moment is a gift that should
never be analyzed or assessed value. It is of value
in so many ways for so many people you must understand
that there is no way to understand something for another
that can be understood so many ways. Yes you can try
and even to yourself you can try to understand or you
can understand.

You have the ability to understand right now in this
moment you have the ability to claim understanding.
There are zero absolutes. One will fight to the end
with a belief in absolutes. They will claim one thing
or another and they will die speaking “the” truth that
they believe.

Even these gurus know within, that truth exists only
in a moment..and try as they may to capture the moment
they never can, and they never will. At least not
permanently. They catch it as easily as you would catch
a ray of light. It is only a momentary thing that
appears to be something that it is not.

Human beings want to make things solid, and therefore
many things appear to be solid. The problem comes when
they are proven otherwise…they are lost, and they don’t
now what to do, because they are wanting something solid
to latch onto.

There is nothing solid to latch onto ever…and the only
time there will seem to be is in that one precious moment
of awareness.

Awaken from your sleep. Awaken from your dreams.
Awaken and recognize that the only power that you have
is the power of this moment the power of this now
the power of who you are.

And yes it is the sum total of many things that would
appear past present and future, but once again it is
only a mere illusion. You must claim all that it is
in THIS moment. In This now.

In this way are you are to be the empowered should that
you are meant to be. Life is a journey and journeys
never end. There is always a new turn a new twist and
the appearance of an ending. But there is truly no
end as there is truly no beginning.

You will never reach an “end” point because you have
never begun. You are all that you need to be and always
will have everything that you need for the moment.

Start listening and you will hear many things, and you
will know which ones to act on and which ones to dispose
of for when you hear things, you will hear an acknowledgement
and/or a call to action…a call to love, a call to act, a call
to forget, forgive...whatever it is, you will know if
you only listen.

You must listen to what you must do to get the balance
you seek in your life. You are out of balance when you
aren’t listening because then you go off in a direction
that is fearful and/or motivated by anything other than

Love is never fearful. Love is never despair. Love is
never pain and love is never repair. Love is just there
and here and you are love my dear child. You are love
completely and totally and it is as solid as anything gets,
and yet it is fluid. It is something that morphs from
moment to moment and yet you are able to capture it in
any moment that you choose to. You can capture it in a
smile, in a laugh, in a hug, in a shared moment, in an
understanding, in an appreciation in art in music, in
the oil.

Yes even the oil. There is love there. It is just
covered up by human beings who aren’t listening. It is
the perceived ugliness that is calling people to see the

There is much that is taken for granted when one isn’t
aware of the moment to moment nature of life and of love.
When you are in the moment, you are able to treat it with
love and respect and admiration or you are able to throw
it away.

There truly is no future or past, however all nows are as
beautiful as the sum total of the moments that are
appreciated. There is no moment more precious or
beautiful than this one.

Love it. Respect it. Cherish it. Adore it. BE IT.


Just smile said...

i really liked this blog and all the mentions of love,, im gna consider everythn u have said and try find love i a way that it will be healthy.
i really liked ur blog

Elizabeth Alraune said...

Thanks for coming by, and leaving your comment. I believe that there is no love to "try" to find...I believe you already have it, waiting for it to be acknowledged and embraced. See when shift how you look at it how how you look at it can change. It may not be the easiest thing to do, but I'd say a worthy thing to consider and work toward. :) with Love, Elizabeth