Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Did you know? Lemon Juice this is an odd title for an entry in a blog
about perspective. And this will likely be an odd
entry, as well.

However, it occurred to me to share with you an
experience that I had that might be of interest/
beneficial for you to know.

A few years back I became aware that lemon juice is
supposed to be good for cleansing your liver. Around
that same time, I wound up in the hospital. The
hospital decided to put me on an anti-biotic.

When I went into the hospital, my liver function was
fine. The doctor commented that it was up at one
point, and that the likely reason was the anti-biotic
they were giving me.

At the same time, I wasn't allowed to eat or drink a
thing. As soon as I was allowed to, I got some lemon
juice, and was drinking as much of it as I could.

By the time I left the hospital, another doctor noted
that my liver function was fine, and he seemed a
little surprised.

Is the lemon juice connected to what happened? Who
knows? Although I know what I suspect. However, my
point is...if there is a chance, however remote, that
it could have had a positive effect in the face of
what the medication was doing, it was worth knowing

I couldn't help but wonder why something so simple
wasn't discussed with me. Perhaps they didn't know?
Perhaps because it wasn't medicine they couldn't say

My thinking goes...if you are going to do something
to negatively affect my liver, shouldn't you atleast
consider a way to counteract it, instead of shrugging
your shoulders?

On the other hand, as I left the hospital, I was
given a prescription for an anti-biotic, which they
said I didn't really need (even though I was getting
it most of my stay there) and another for pain
(which, if they checked my records, would have seen
that I could have been just fine without).

I could say more. However, I will leave it at that
as I drink my lemonade.

Have a great day!

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KathieBella said...

Hi Elizabeth (JoLoPe) - for a minute I thought I was reading my own story! I had a an eerily similar experience - except that I started taking the antibiotics before I went to the hospital; then when I went for a checkup - tests showed I had high liver enzymes - no medical person ever asked me if I had been taking any medications prior to worrying me and ordering an MRI be done and an ultrasound. Had I been told that - I would have been able to diagnose myself and realize that I could heal myself rather than go thru thousands of dlrs worth of testing - only to be discharged without any further treatment or instruction!
As for the lemon juice - around the same time I followed Robin Quivers' story of the lemon juice concoction that she credits for saving her (and I'm sure her liver) - given to her by David Blaine, the magician, called The Master Cleanse! She is the picture of health today.