Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sometimes I wonder

Sometimes I wonder something.

Sometimes I wonder if we realize what we,
as human beings, are doing to ourselves,
to others, to our children.

I don't know if you ever heard how
aspartame came to be on the market.
I won't go into it all here, you can
certainly ask me if you want to know,
however, the point is that from the
sound of it, it never should have ever
gotten into our food.

Of course, there are different opinions
on the topic, as there will always be on
any topic.

However, the upshot is that it appears that
people were making decisions that could
potentially adversely affect the health
of millions.

The question that lingers for me is,
what were they thinking? Don't they have
family and friends that they care about?
Couldn't they be adversely affected as well?

Then there is the dumping of chemicals in
our water, our increasing number of
landfills, the pillaging we are doing of
our resources, and...

This comes to mind for me today as on
Twitter there is a trending topic of "Eric."

He is a 27 year old that is in desperate need
of a heart transplant. His sister has been
doing everything she can to save him, and yet
is finding incredible red tape.

I am certain that this story is far from
unique. The only difference here seems to
be that somehow, some way, she has managed
to get the attention of people who want to
help, including the band Nine Inch Nails.

What I can't help but wonder is how the people
who make these decisions can make these decisions.
I can't imagine that they're easy ones to make.
However, if they were in his sister's shoes,
and someone they loved and cared about needed
the help, wouldn't they want every chance,
every opportunity, to make it happen without lots
of roadblocks? Wouldn't they want and need
understanding and answers?

The point for me is when do people come to
realize that PEOPLE are involved in the decisions
made by them? When do they realize that behind
papers and names and stats are living, breathing,
valuable people? When do they realize that life
would be so much better for us all when we think
past the boxes and limitations of a perspective
that goes no farther than ourselves and
of money?

I often say I have more questions than answers.
And often there is more to the story than what
appears. However, at the core of anything is the
fact that we're all in this together...and if we
could somehow, some way, remember that
and act accordingly,
imagine what kind of world
we would live in.

If you would like to know more about
Eric's story/situation and/or would
like to donate, you can find more
information at:
Veronica's (Eric's Sister) Twitter Page
Sign a petition for change & help save Eric

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