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Press Release: Dan Pavlik on World of Perspective Radio

How Do You Make A Dream Come True? Make A Movie About It.

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Los Angeles, CA, April 6, 2009

Dan Pavlik, Director, Producer, and Writer of the film Nominated, will be a guest on on on April 16, 2009 at 6PT/9ET.

Dan has been a professional video producer for 14 years. By most measures, he has had a successful career, and yet he is risking what he has worked for by diving into the shark infested waters of independent film with the idea of a movie that he dreamt about two and a half years ago.

While he will be sharing his story, everyone has a "thing" that they wish they could do, might do, wouldda, shouldda, couldda done. As Dan says, “I may be the director of this film, however, I am also in the role of Director of my own life, just as we all are.” He notes that in the current economy, especially, it is important to see possibilities in spite of closed doors. In the world of film he, as the director, makes choices to make the best film possible, "and the choices I make aren't always advised, popular, and are sometimes risky. There are parallels to how I am in my life." We all have the possibility to direct our own lives, and he will be discussing the risks that he is taking in the context of having a life lived that is true to himself in spite of seeming obstacles.

Elizabeth Alraune, host of, welcomes Dan as a guest amidst a line up of other shows from an eclectic group of guests which have included Janet Thornburg (numerologist), Patrick Mathieu (The Bar Code Guy), and Greg Mooers (Life Camp). Ken Newman, who will be in the role of Blake Dunbar in the film also spent some time on the show recently talking about how important humor is EVERY day, and how living for the weekend is like living only 2/7 of your life.

About Nominated

This independent film will be shot in August 2009 in the San Francisco Bay Area. Pavlik is in talks with and/or seeking the talents of Dan Aykroyd, Mariel Hemingway, Willie Ames, Carl Lumbly, Brian Degan Scott, Brian Copeland, and Ken Newman. For more information about the film, visit and/or


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